Supportive Care Coalition
The Coalition seeks to equip palliative care teams, mission leaders, and Catholic health care leaders to advance palliative care throughout their ministries with the following resources:
Cultivating Professional Resilience:
Promoting Individual and Organizational Flourishing

In a 2014 survey, 61% of over 1200 palliative care professionals self-reported "high" levels of burnout. According to the Clinician Well-Being Hub sponsored by the National Academy of Medicine, burnout is "a syndrome characterized by a high degree of emotional exhaustion and depersonalization (i.e. cynicism) and a low sense of personal accomplishment at work." Given the individual and systemic elements of burnout, efforts to lessen its occurrence must include resources to address individual well-being and organizational flourishing. 

We at the Supportive Care Coalition seek to do just that -- improve professional flourishing, well-being, and overall resilience at both the personal and organizational level -- by sparking new thoughts, encouraging new practices, and deepening our self-awareness. To that end we have created the "Cultivating Professional Resilience" weekly blog. Read the blog posts on your own and journal your responses. Or, better yet, use the blog posts as a team to spark reflection and dialogue. 

"We can grow stronger at the broken places" - Rachel Naomi Remen