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Tame the Beast: It's time to rethink persistent pain 

Tame the Beast was created in collaboration between: a pain researcher Prof. Lorimer Moseley, a physiotherapist David Moen, and a professional communicator Sam Chisholm. It is a freely available, education space for people living with persistent pain that hopes to inspire research-based action in the treatment of pain. 

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Boston's Hidden Sacred Spaces

In addition to the historic churches, temples, and mosques that dot the Boston skyline, sacred spaces are hidden around the edges of the city, just out of view. Some are familiar and accessible. Others are truly hidden from public view. All invite passers-by to pause, sit for a moment, and reflect.

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From Catholic Health Initiatives: EthicsLab Podcast


The EthicsLab Podcast explores current health care ethics issues with national experts to provide better knowledge and practical results. Join us as we work to enable health care professionals and community leaders to deliver the best possible health care experience.

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From Catholic Health Initiatives: Mission Innovation Podcast


The Mission Innovation Podcast interviews known thought leaders and practical innovators on building the intersection between mission, organizational life, leadership, culture, faith and spirit.

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The nation's leading religion news magazine on public radio


This 5-part educational series is designed to train health professionals to integrate spirituality into patient care as part of the practice of "whole person" medicine.



CST 101 is a collaborative 7-part video series presented by the USCCB and Catholic Relief Services on Catholic Social Teaching. Bishop Robert Barron, Jonathan Reyes, and Helen Alvaré discuss the dignity of the human person and our right to life.

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Fr. James Martin, SJ, Kerry Weber, and Thomas Awiapo discuss the preferential option for the poor and vulnerable.

Sr. Ruth Bolarte, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, and Sean Callahan discuss solidarity.

University of California Television has created the video series "Palliative Care: Living as Well as Possible for as Long as Possible." Watch Dr. Steve Pantilat address the question: "Palliative Care: Who is it For, What Does it Do, Why Should I Want it and When?"

Renowned palliative care physician and patient advocate Dr. Ira Byock teaches how clinicians and caregivers can respond in meaningful, loving ways to people with serious illness who request aid in hastening their own death.

To those struggling to come to grips with dying, aggressive medical treatment has too often offered the illusion of a way out. In his TEDx talk, Dr. Bob Macauley describes the costs our society faces when we don't manage end-of-life care effectively and the difficult but better path to dying well.

University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine Physician David Rakel, MD discusses circles of suffering with James Finley, PhD

An explanation of how the palliative care chaplain helps patients and families deal with serious illness.


Ten years ago, Br. David recorded A Good Day, which has been watched well over 1 million times. This short video is an excellent resource for team reflections. 

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