Palliative Care Program Development Tools

Coalition members have access to evidence-informed practice-based tools to assist our members in building new palliative care programs or enhancing existing programs. Please contact the SCC office (503-216-5376) for information on any of the following:

  • Palliative Care System Assessment Tool - a comprehensive assessment of standards, organizational priorities, and services used to build a palliative care program performance improvement plan

  • Palliative Care Program Financial/Cost-Savings Models - a variety of financial algorithms used by leading Catholic palliative care programs to demonstrate palliative care program cost-savings

  • Palliative Care Referral Criteria Toolkit - a compilation of current best-practices in establishing palliative care referral triggers

  • Topical Webinar Bundles - a curated selection of archived webinars on program development, integration of Catholic teachings in palliative care practice, spiritual care in palliative care, and others

  • Faith Community Toolkit “A Catholic Approach to Palliative Care” - a five-part video series with discussion guides designed to raise awareness and understanding of palliative care in the faith community setting

  • Facilitated networking opportunities with the leading Catholic palliative care programs in the US

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