Catholic Medical Association hosts first ever End-of-Life Forum

Come join in the Catholic Medical Association’s inaugural pre-conference forum on end of life issues!  This will be the first of its kind initiative examining the field of palliative medicine and end of life care in America through ethical and religious, but also clinical lenses.  Following the Pontifical Academy for Life’s first Congress on Palliative Care held in Rome this past February, we will come together to protect the dignity of the dying and care for the vulnerable.  Experts from palliative medicine specialists, to hospital ethicists, to moral theologians will provide education on the Church’s teachings about the end of life and how these can be successfully applied in medical care today.  The forum will be held the day prior to the annual CMA conference.  Come enjoy a dynamic, multifaceted day learning about how to provide care for those with serious illness and at the end of life with dignity and love, completely consistent with authentic Catholic teaching.

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