NEW from Elsevier: Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Hematology and Oncology Patients with Pain

Given that pain is a reality for approximately 40% of patients with cancer after treatment, for 55% during treatment, and for 66% of patients with terminal disease, many cancer patients utilize opioids as the treatment of choice for cancer-related pain.  However, pain is a constellation of physical sensations that can also negatively impact cognitive and emotional states giving rise to the whole person experience of pain called “total pain.”  Total pain may not respond to pharmacologic interventions and may pave the way for the onset of suffering whereby suffering is defined as physical pain accompanied by negative cognitive interpretations.  Mindfulness-based interventions provide an alternate interpretive framework for pain and suffering and may lessen a patient’s experience of pain.  Mindfulness-based interventions have potential to modify a patient’s relationship to pain, reducing pain catastrophizing, and enhancing patient reported overall well-being.

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