Guided Meditation with Dr. Michael Kearney

Palliative care physician, Michael Kearney has been a pioneer and leader in the focus on care for palliative care professionals. His most recent book, The Nest in the Stream is an encouraging and inspiring book for the times we live in. Kearney reminds us that how we live with our pain matters, hugely, as it affects our quality of living and our capacity to find healing for ourselves, for others, and for our world. He believes that if we remember our deep interconnectedness with nature, and practice openness to our own pain, we can experience deep connection with ourselves, and others, awaken compassion and enrich our lives with meaning and vitality. The following guided meditation is informed by Kearney's convictions: 


For reflection alone or together: 

What did you notice in your thoughts, emotions, and body during the meditation? 

How would you describe your connection to nature? 

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