Organizational Commitment to Well-Being

Since the launch of its Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, close to 200 organizations have submitted commitment statements to the National Academy of Medicine.


Here is an excerpt from Ascension health's statement of commitment: 

Recognizing the interconnectedness of clinician, patient, and system well-being, Ascension aspires to the Quadruple Aim: delivering improved health outcomes, an enhanced experience for the people we serve, and an enhanced experience for providers, at an affordable cost. To that end, we are making changes to how clinicians operate within Ascension:

 Improving the practice environment. We are sponsoring a sense of a collaborative community among providers, giving them more control over their work through greater scheduling flexibility, professional growth, and stronger relationships with the persons and the families we serve.

 Elevating clinicians into leadership roles. Real-world experience caring for patients adds significant value to our organizational decision-making. Having clinicians play a prominent role in leadership demonstrates to providers that they have a voice at all levels of the organization. We are therefore promoting clinicians into more leadership roles across Ascension.

 Incentivizing and rewarding more meaningful work. Ascension is increasingly paying providers for outcomes over hours, patient satisfaction over volume, and quality of care over quantity of services to re-engage providers. We also implemented the Nursing Workforce Optimization plan that recognizes and rewards individual excellence. 

 Demonstrating support for providers throughout their careers. When providers know we are invested in them throughout their careers, they develop a stronger connection to the organization. We offer paths for clinicians in the later stages of their careers to transition to reduced hours, mentoring, leadership, and community work. Our hope is that giving providers more control over how they wind down their careers demonstrates to others that we are invested in them throughout their full tenure.


For reflection alone or together:

Where does my organization excel in promoting clinician well-being? 

Where might we improve? 

Next week: What triggers you?