Strengthening Your Compassion Muscle: Part 2

When we are trying to improve our physical health through exercise we go to the gym, but we get the best results when we incorporate healthy habits into all aspects of our daily life. It is similar with compassion practice. We get the most benefit when formal compassion practices are complemented by informal practices that weave compassion moments into our day-to-day, moment-to-moment experience.


Strengthening Your Compassion Muscle: Part 1 was an example of a formal compassion practice. What follows in this post are suggestions to integrate compassion into your everyday life to develop a more compassion-full life. 


For practice alone or together: 

The next time you are in a public place -- riding the bus or train, at the store, at your workplace -- take a moment to notice each person you see and silently say to yourself "just like me." Notice how you feel while engaging in this practice. Notice when the practice is easier and harder. 

The next time you are in the presence of suffering, take a compassion break. Silently repeat these three phrases:

1. This is a moment of suffering

2. Suffering is a part of life

3. May I extend the kindness needed to ease this suffering 

Next week: Strengthening your compassion muscle - part 3