In an article by Yukari Mitsuhashi in BBC-Capital, Mitsuhashi describes the Japanese concept of "ikigai." Ikigai has no direct English correlate but is similar to the idea of a fulfilling or happy life. Visually, ikigai is depicted as the intersection of that which you love, that which you are good at, that which you can be paid for, and that which the world needs. Researchers on "Blue Zones" or global regions where people live the longest, suggest that ikigai is key to living a long, fulfilled life. 


For reflection alone or together: 

Make three lists

1. Your top five values in order of importance

2. The top five things you love to do

3. The top five things you are good at

What is common to all three lists? 

Are there ways the items on your three lists are in conflict? If so, how?

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