Do less, then obsess

After a unique, five-year study of more than 5,000 managers and employees, organizational thought leader Morten Hansen suggest these “Seven Work Smarter Practices” that can be applied by anyone looking to maximize their time and performance at work. These are:

Mastering your own work

Do less, then obsess

Focus on value

Develop and learn

Mastering working with others

Fight and unite

Conscious collaboration

Be a forceful champion

Combine passion and purpose

You can learn more about Hansen's work in his book "Great at Work." For a deeper dive into Hansen's ideas and their overlap with Daniel Pink's book "When" watch the following 30-minute conversation. 


For reflection alone or together: 

What new ideas stood out to you in this conversation?

What might "doing fewer things" look like in your average work day? 

Next week: The future of work

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