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In a 2014 survey, 61% of over 1200 palliative care professionals self-reported "high" levels of burnout. According to the Clinician Well-Being Hub sponsored by the National Academy of Medicine, burnout is "a syndrome characterized by a high degree of emotional exhaustion and depersonalization (i.e. cynicism) and a low sense of personal accomplishment at work." Given the individual and systemic elements of burnout, efforts to lessen its occurrence must include resources to address individual well-being and organizational flourishing. 

The posts on this page seek to do just that -- improve professional flourishing, well-being, and overall resilience at both the personal and organizational level -- by sparking new thoughts, encouraging new practices, and deepening our connections to one another. While you can read the posts on your own and journal your responses. We suggest using the posts to spark team reflection and dialogue. 

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"We can grow stronger at the broken places" - Rachel Naomi Remen

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