Interprofessional Case Presentation: Right Mind, Right Decisions - Caring for Palliative Care Patients with Mental Health Disorders

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Presented by Dr. Angie Lee and Rev. Tessie Mandeville

Learning objectives:

  • Name three specific challenges in working with palliative care patients with mental health disorders

  • Identify effective palliative care team practices for working with patients with mental health disorders

  • Utilize evidence-based practices for managing patients with mental health disorders receiving palliative care

Dr. Angie Lee is the medical director for the Palliative Care program and the Nursing Home program at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center in Bellingham, WA.  She is board certified in internal medicine, geriatric medicine and palliative care, and has been part of the Palliative Care program since 2014.  Her passion is caring for patients as a whole person, for those struggling with serious illness, and providing end-of-life care.  Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her screenwriter husband and 3 children.

Rev. Tessie Mandeville, MDiv, BCC is a board-certified chaplain who serves on the Palliative Care Team at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center in Bellingham, WA. 

Tessie traces her palliative care roots to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the work she did as a pastor in local congregations before she even learned there was a specialty field of medicine called “palliative care."  When Tessie decided to pursue Clinical Pastoral Education to broaden her professional skill set, she found herself learning more about palliative care and helping launch an inpatient palliative care program at the hospital she served during her residency.  While serving in her next hospital setting, she helped plan and execute the expansion of the existing inpatient palliative care team from one nurse practitioner and chaplain, to an additional nurse practitioner, a social worker, and a physician.  In her current setting, Tessie has been part of the inpatient palliative care team for four years and is thrilled that after years of dreaming and planning, her hospital is expanding their palliative care service line and launching a community palliative care program this summer!

Tessie is passionate about serving people with life-limiting illnesses and helping them have the necessary, sometimes difficult, occasionally even funny, conversations about end-of-life. 

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