The Supportive Care Coalition fosters and strengthens the presence of spiritual care in palliative care team practice and promotes deeper spiritual engagement with patients and families, and within the interdisciplinary palliative care team. As such, we offer these reflections and materials. 




Excerpts from Walking on the Pastures of Wonder – by John O’Donohue

…The divine light works very tenderly with human freedom. If we don’t believe that the light is there, we will experience the darkness. But if we believe the light is there, and if we call the light towards us, and if we call it into whatever we are involved in, the light will never fail us. There is light inside of everything that happens to us.

We are always on our way from darkness into light. Every morning, we come out of the dark territories of dreaming into waking awareness of the day. At birth each of us made a journey from darkness into light, from the warm secure darkness of the womb into the light of the world. So we are no strangers to darkness and we are special friends of the light.

To be born is to be chosen. None of us is accidentally in the world. We are sent here because there is something special for each of us to do here that could not be done by someone else. One of the wisdoms of living a full life is to try and sense what it is we were sent here for and to try and let the hindrances that block us from that fall away so that we can claim completely the life that was generously offered to us.

There are limitless possibilities within each of us and if we give of ourselves at all, it is unknown what we are capable of. We don’t realize all the good that we can do. A kind encouraging word or a helping hand can bring many a person through dark valleys in their lives. We weren’t put here to make money or to acquire status or reputation. We were sent here to search for the divine light in our hearts and when we find it, we are meant to give it away generously and courageously…


Our work in palliative care calls us to be bearers of light. We serve our fellow human beings by being intentionally present to them in their darkest moments and by lovingly calling forth in them the divine light that engenders hope and the possibility of true healing. With gratitude, we place ourselves at the service of others as we strive to transform hurt into hope.  Click here to download a PDF that was inspired by the excerpts above, and complemented by a picturesque backdrop:

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