Mission and Ethics Integration

Coalition members benefit from the expert advice of ethicists, theologians and clinicians who serve on our board of directors. The Coalition has produced a body of work including ethical research, analysis and educational resources to enhance the Catholic health care ministry’s understanding of relationships and communications with faith community leaders. The Coalition acts as an ethical resource to member organizations facing public policy concerns regarding church teaching and ethical issues.  Our recent work includes:

Pope Francis Speaks About Assisting the Elderly and Palliative Care

In his address to the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life on March 5, 2015, the pontiff spoke about ‘assisting the elderly and palliative care’. For him, “all medical knowledge is truly science, in its most noble sense, only if it finds its place as a help in view of the good of man, a good that is never achieved by going ‘against’ his life and dignity.”

“Palliative care,” Pope Francis noted, “is an expression of the properly human attitude of taking care of one another, especially of those who suffer. It bears witness that the human person is always precious, even if marked by age and sickness. The human person, in fact, in whatever circumstance, is a good in and of himself and for others, and is loved by God. For this reason, when life becomes very fragile and the end of earthly existence approaches, we feel the responsibility to assist and accompany the person in the best way.”  Click here to see his entire message.